Fashion Films

Fashion films are a different way to express what can’t be done on perhaps from a still shot. The art form showcases not only the models and what they wear and the designers new clothing for the season; but the idea’s and individuality from the creator and artists working on the production is shown. Fashion films have been around for decades from the sweetly done Warners corset video that is advertising the corset itself and family self worth to a relating 1940’s consumer; to more modern fashion films such as “She’s bad” by Dent De Cuir who was a winner at the Berlin fashion film festival. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to what can be created in the fashion film industry one persons vision of the film can be taken in in different ways from different audiences. what influences are in the currant time period or from designs/season.

This film is full of innuendo and extremely detailed in its editing with a mix of green screen changing certain features in shoot. The female who is seen as a sexual predator who seduces the male that thinks he’s ‘gotten lucky’. The red colour is a play on blood and is a focus as she applies lipstick and paints her nails and featured twice at the beginning and end of the film. The film starts and finishes in the same cut with a humorous twist to end the film. Roarr


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