Gareth Pugh

“Sexy, dramatic, glittery, strobe, flashing lights, busy city, alive”

the film is completely mesmerising from start to finish, with a array of talent professionals being filmed. Gareth Pugh’s vision is displayed here with the risky outfits and enchanting music that fits perfectly into the film. High fashion but also extremely artist and unique. Pugh’s catwalk shows themselves also hold themselves in extremely similar fashion, dramatic and completely mesmerising. From researching Pugh I’ve come to the understanding that he has studied fashion at Central Saint Martins but also become working as a costume designer for the national youth theatre as a teenager; Looking at his work this doesn’t surprise me at all as many of his costumes are extremely theatrical in their structures and materials. Would Pugh’s clothing be wearable ? not for whats considered the everyday maybe but then I don’t think thats why Pugh became a fashion designer. The clothes are art.

With in my own project of creating a 2 minute art film at university looking at Pugh’s work is influential because of the editing and ideas that have created it.

LONDON FASHION WEEK september 2006 Ready to wear Spring_Summer 2007 Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh S/S 07

Gareth Pugh & Ruth Hogben

For Pugh’s fashion films it has been Ruth Hogben that has directed them all in a working ¬†collaboration. In a interview with Alexander Fury Hogben speaks of her work and working with Pugh and how she develops ideas and her films. The way she’s explains and talks about how she creates her films shows her passion in one mention she actually says creating the film is like a obsession. The film is also really interesting to watch from Hogben’s body language and how details/fabric in her clothing are focused on.


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