Berlin fashion film festival


Berlin is always somewhere where I’ve wanted to explore surprisingly and maybe slightly embarrassingly I had never heard of the Berlin Fashion film festival until recently in one of my class; fashion film is currently a main project for me and my year creating a 2 minute piece on anything. The brief in fact is so vast its incredibly hard to pick. Looking at the Berlin Fashion film in depth has started to help me out because I’ve realised yes I can pick some many things and having different ideas is fine. The festival showcases every year a range of creative minds and thinkers. I want to go. Here is a selection of some of the winners this year

‘Lady Dior: Enter the game”

This film for Dior directed by Eliott Bliss oozes old hollywood glamour in a modern way, the pinned hair and red lips contrasting the modern house. The classic bag thats colouring is a metallic  silver that fits in with the style of the location. Marion Cotillard performs in front of the shots a playful glamorous women who doesn’t have to even try to give the attitude of perfection. This film at the Berlin fashion film festival was a winner for best direction, hair and makeup.


This film directed by Matthew Frost and featuring Kirsten Dunst was very enjoyable to watch. The movie star minding her own business being approached by two girls and asked for a selfie, the film for me is actually kind of sad as its showing modern aged inspiration to many media fanatics. In one line Kirsten (playing herself) if they have any questions they’d like to ask her; presumably about the business and instead they just ask her to tag them so they can become popular. Kirsten’s face say’s it all. The location for this film is set in a residential US neighbour hood and seems like Kirsten’s waiting outside her gate, the sunlight in the film is shot in what looks like the sunset. Kirsten’s blonde hair looks extremely bright and tranquil against the rest of the film.

“Pascal Vaughel S/S14: The naked truth” – Michael Venus

Set in Hamburg this film is entirely in english subtitles with german spoken. This film is comical and for me deeply reminds me of the emperor’s new clothes by Hans Andersen; who is so vain and blinded by what he thinks he sees. Fresh clothing when in fact its just a silly naked man. This film was amusing in its shots with a lot of in action bum shots. This kind of reminds of a blog I read from Vice uk about a English reporter where ridiculous clothing and seeing whether people would take her seriously at London Fashion week. The film itself shows a wannabe fashion designer talking about his creations when it fact there just naked mannequins. I enjoyed this film. The vice article is

“Creme Caramel”

Creme Caramel the sexual innuendo that is Creme Caramel. This film is mesmerising from start to finish with the man’s looks and feelings of watching his girlfriend/lover. The film shoots different textures from the syrup to skin to hair to clothing I enjoyed this film because of this and also how they included the idea of drawing when she’s looking through her unique book that he’s created for her. The colour scheme of her flat is focused on musty yellows and pastels these suit her pale skin, the film itself has a 70/80’s feeling to it with the spandex panties and the voice over is the well pronounced crackly voice that could be from a vinyl. The film won the awards for best fashion film, best production design, best use of music and best idea.

Watch the rest of the film’s here. I could for hours.


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