In class to help us develop our films within creating a character we were asked in group to create two different brain storms one for appearance and one for characters to help us with the development of characters within the film. Characters and who plays that character is extremely central to the film working as the characters story/appearance or even the way they move can help carry a film and project more of a message when done right. The brain storm was important as it set the beginning steps ti developing the films well especially if the narrative was more based around the character and their story; everything that can come and develop from one simple idea.

where it comes to creating a character there are two large elements character  & appearance.
Appearance was the first brain storm that we completed. On a course like Make up and hair a lot of planning is needed not just from doing facial charts but also especially with this film and one we did for creating characters for a show; writing down and doing plans like this are key to the development of a character. In my mind writing down what I’m feeling or starting to see really helps me out. In this brain storm we wrote down everything that we thought of as a group when Appearance was written in the centre of the page. Words that came up were things like “Body Shape” or even “Hygiene” and all the different points that could come from this singular word such as “teeth” or “pregnant” there is many different points that need to be thought of or reflected upon. Appearance is also extremely vast and wide; the character could be a blonde women with a golden left tooth or a small man who resembles Danny DeVito but with a limp; planning out what we imagine is always better.


The Character part of the lesson was also important I’m not sure what would actually come first when planning out the character as I feel like there needs to be some kind of background story before the appearance can really be thought about to fit the theme. Words like “Personality” and “Relationships” were words that came quickly into the talk. For me the personality is the biggest thing when it comes to people it will make other characters/people think of you in a certain way and it will project through you and within your looks such as in expressions or the dialect you have. Relationships help with the backstory of the character and also incase there are movements of relationships in a partner sense to even a mother and child idea or a man who winks at you on the street these characters are seen.


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