Make up for black and white films

Health and Safelty

  • Clean washed hands must always be the first thing before touching client
  • Hair is tied back at all times
  • ensure Model is wearing a apron to protect clothing
  • Must check whether there is any contraindications such as sickness or infection


What is needed for this look

  • Ilamasqua foundation (No foundation with spf)
  • Charles fox white powder mixed with setting powder
  • Silver to eye
  • Derma colour foundation have a look at
  • Long thin eyebrow back in day. Black colour into eyebrow
  • Brown shade on cheek bone for contour
  • Define Brow bone from top into eyebrow
  • Like the eye socket with black and line do not blend
  • Highlight with silver but use Matt shine
  • Add Vaseline to lip and eye
  • Smear – draw around mouth just above lip line
  • lip mix black for lips
  • Yellow for a softer look
  • For darker skin lighten the foundation but test shoot before

This look was interesting to prepare because applying the makeup to the naked eye seemed like we were creating a extremely heavy look; but in fact when the camera was on my models face it wasn’t as heavy. I wish i had blended the nose more though I think i got carried away. It was fun to paint grey and black onto sylvia’s face.

The face was highlighted using silver eyeshadow that I’ve placed on the nose temple and cheekbones I also used a bit of mac mixing medium shine. The lips were lined with black eyeliner and then filled with either a black lipstick or eyeliner. This look is simply for behind the camera.



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