Getting lost in the woods

This weekend I went to Holland. I’d never been to holland before but it was incredible; the buildings to the cleanness of the streets and politeness of people; me and holland were a match made. Hanging around Den Haag for a few days was just what I needed, after a chaotic couple of weeks stressing out about briefs and deadlines.

A couple of day into my trip we went into a huge woods which is just out of town. A huge greenery with just a few dog walkers to say hello too.


In the park i started thinking about my film project and felt like I needed to calm down and just crack on with it all. The problem with me though is which idea to crack on with?


The idea of shooting in Holland did cross my mind many many times as its so interesting there with a large range of locations and settings but of course its not every weekend I can just just a nine hour coach over there. Carrying a case of makeup and film equipment around border control would also be a pain.


The woods themselves were magical. this image of my friend and her boyfriend I find so interesting; lovers in the woods. unposing and natural; maybe the influence of shooting in the woods could influence my film. Whatever it does it made me calm and want to spend longer in there. In fact by the end I never wanted to leave. I’m interested to see what the woods are like in different seasons. I actually think the woods was very diverse if one was to film there, there could be a blair witch type inspiration or a Narnia winter look depending on what someone wanted the scene could also be changed a lot from the calmness I felt to somewhat panicked especially if someone was to film a thriller with a man chasing another character through the woods there it all depends on the tone of the film. This woods though was a huge inspiration and something I want to evolve in my mind.


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