Creating a character

She took one final look in the mirror before leaving for her blind date. She worried that the bright lipstick was a bit of a mistake, and she would never normally have gone so heavy with her eye shadow. She liked to see herself as a more natural kind of girl. Hopefully it’ll be dark in the restaurant she thought as she smoothed down her hair and ran out of the door

In this lesson we had to look at the piece of text above and create a character with how ever we perceived the text with a partner. After missing the lesson I decided to do that makeup at home. The look below is my take on the piece of descriptive writing.


  • Young and new to the City
  • worried about what people will think of her and wanting to please
  • Newly Single after a long relationship


  • Young
  • Light tones in skin but likes to tan
  • Dark hair that is long and wavy brown
  • Usually wears little makeup and doesn’t know how to experiment with it


The story

I’ve decided to call my character Emma; she has recently move to Edinburgh wanting a fresh start after breaking up with her partner of many years. She is young but never really had to date and doesn’t know if she’ll be good at it. She’s desperate to please and make new friends.



The makeup is simple but I’ve used a range of colours. The lips are Mac St.Germain and really pop and are extremely bright. The eye colouring is a pale Zoeva shading with a darker Purple and Brown over. The foundation is Nar’s sheer glow foundation with the cheeks coloured with Zoeva blusher and Chanel bronzer. The cheeks have been highlighted with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.


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