Applying Facial Hair and Wig application

Health and Safety

Clean washed hands must always be the first thing before touching client
Hair is tied back at all times
Model is wearing a apron to protect clothing
Must check whether there is any contraindications such as sickness or infection


How to put one on and looking at how it changes the models face and jawline; how does ones personality reflect through their hair.

Setting the hair depends on the hair length; long hair is ideal for setting with a french plait. Pin curls are idea for shorter hair as all hair needs to be flat for stocking cap.


How to apply-

  • Square the section of hair and roll away from the face.
  • flattern the curl on the head and criss cross the grips
  • not using any tools except fingers just curl the hair with your fingers and apply to all hair
  • once all is curled stocking cap can be applied
  • the stocking cap is to neaten any stray hairs and stops the wigs from scratching the head and makes comfortable; also absorbs the sweat and keeps hair underneath flat
  • Remember to keep ears exposed
  • Apply some grips to the stocking cap to keep in place- best near nape of neck and ears
  • When preparing a wig, always set it on a block to maintain shape. Do not prepare wig on the client.
  • Inside the wig is a elastic band to manage the sizing of the wig to fit different sizes of heads
  • Make sure the stocking cap matches the wig or skin colour of the client
  • Look at how the wig can change the personality and character development.





This lesson was really interesting because it was fun to see how much my partner changed with her different hair styles. The wigs which was brunette with a fringe I think suited her colouring and style the most.


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