Blade Runner 1882

Blade Runner is a dystopian science fiction film. Deckard is the Blade runner in question; A blade runner is essentially a defective who tracks down and eliminates replicants, androids who crime is pretending to be human. The film then follows the events of Deckard hunting down four escaped replicants who are looking to expand their four year lifespan.

Like a few other futuristic 80’s films the vision of the future is extremely dramatic from flying cars to extremely powerful guns, the earth is seen as a abandoned waste land that only the unlucky few have been left on.

The film is striking in its visual style mixing noir and sci-fi to create a dark unsettling atmosphere.

Zhora’s death scene is iconic in the way she is dressed her plastic rain mac looks rather beautiful under the vibrant neon glare as she is shot down in slow motion, her death however graphic and  shocking maintains an ultra- stylish appeal. Deckard is kitted out similarly to the detectives in old 1940s noir pictures with a futuristic twist for instance the collar on his trench coat appears to be made of an unusual ribbed material while the rest of the coat is cut quite simply. To further emphasise the point that Deckard is modelled on a 1940s detective we need only look at his shirt and tie combination plus we can take a look at his love interest Rachael. Racheal is dressed like a classic femme fatale with her dark rolled hair style and red lips often seen with a cigarette between. Her clothing like Deckards takes obvious influence from the outfits of old while fresh new ideas are added for instance contrast panelling on her teacher looking outfit complete with neck bow.

Pris another replicant and the potential affection of Roy has a iconic death scene also due to her extreme makeup she wears, almost like battle makeup the heavy black line from brow to cheekbone has been created to repel the child like look of the character which was previously exhibited through body language and playfulness. The accentuate makeup could also be linked to the decade the film was released with pop acts becoming more comfortable with experimenting with makeup such as ‘Adam and the ants’ and his iconic white line across her face.


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