Psycho Film shots


Curtsy of Wikipedia

Psycho is a 1960 American thriller-horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock; the film starts with embezzling secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) driving to a secluded motel for the night there she meets the rather strange owner Norman Bates who has some kind of schizophrenia disorder. Everyone knows the Psycho shower scene its a cinematic classic. The film itself is viewed as one of Hitchcock’s best films and is ranked among the greatest films of all time.

In class we were shown the infamous murder shower scene. Watch the scene I wrote down a few notes on what i felt and saw in those tense couple of minutes. The camera angles of the scene are interesting because they show details and cut to clips over and over such as the water coming out the shower head that has been created with the camera missing any water so its clear even though it looks like it should be getting covered. Her eye as she’s lying on the floor completely released of life and how it slowly moves out to show her dead  expression on her face. The music itself is shocking and intense especially when Norman is actually stabbing Marion Crane; the music gives me shivers even thinking about it.

On my course after watch the clip we were showed all the frames from the scene one after the other. each shot has a small break down of what is happening; its interesting to watch the expressions and development of the scene. The shot of her turning around and screaming is interesting because its a complete opposite to her expression before which was quite sensual. The shot showing her screaming when she realises whats happening simply cuts from her whole face to just her mouth with the water dripping down and into it.


A few stills from the shower scene found on one plus one magazine

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