Monthly Archives: November 2015

Final Outfit

The final outfit design for the film which was mostly inspired by the photo below of the Ralph Lauren A/W 14 outift. The textures from the outfit is interesting with the black leather skirt and high neck dress from Zara which will be used as a loose top. The main feature of the outfit is […]

Donnie Darko 2001

The film directed by ┬áRichard Kelly is a confusing, surreal journey which follows teenager Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) through the idea of what if; after a freak accident Donnie starts exploring the idea of the universe and time travel. Life is all a coincidence and when its our time to leave then thats the way it […]

Continuity 1

For the continuity part of the project in class we were assessed to do the look for our film onto our partner. Above are the first photos from assessment one. We have had to learn the technique of continuity especially in our films as shooting days might be different but also because the technic is […]

Working as a team

For the films shooting I have decided to ask for my brother to film and add further thoughts and feelings into the piece; like a co director. I’m quite lucky that the film came about in the sense that my brother Jack studied film at university which means he was the first person I thought […]

Final Music for film “You & I”

I found this song rather late into the project; I found it after it randomly flicking on whilst I was blogging and listening to youtube. “We’re all we need, oh darling” sung over and over. The theme of the film and narrative is all based around the idea of mental and social disorders. In a […]

Final Storyboard

  The final story board was created to find some inspiration’s and guidance for shots for the filming shoot day and also from the changes in story that has happened since working more on the project.The changes came to most of the layout of the film after I started looking into the mental state and […]

Makeup Inspiration

The looks below are all similar in their elements of achieving a naturalistic glamour to them and the light application of their makeup looks. I think the look is rather youthful with the skin being covered but not heavily just to add more radiance from what would be highlighter or a illuminating primer which I […]