Sci Fi Exploring


Health and Safelty

  • Clean washed hands must always be the first thing before touching client
  • Hair is tied back at all times
  • Model is wearing a apron to protect clothing
  • Must check whether there is any contraindications such as sickness or infection


Products needed for Kyomi’s look

  • Illamasqua liquid metal Solstice
  • A blue Lipgloss/lipstick
  • Urban Decay Vice Palette
  • LaRoc 120 Summer Tones
  • concealer making models skin tone for lip

This lesson was all about exploring and developing elaborate eyeshadow looks that are inspired by characters such a Effie Trinket from The Hunger Gamers (Elizabeth Banks) and Pris from Blade Runner (Daryl Hannah); this lesson was all about not being perfect with the looks but still creating something that is believable for the character themselves to wear.

My makeup I did on Kyomi was inspired by Effie Trinket as I wanted to use a multi tone of colours. I decided to use purples and blues on her eyes finishing with gold was a eccentric Effie inspired look. Looking at google for inspiration on the look I researched into a few of Effie Trinkets makeup looks.


Looking at Effie’s makeup I noticed she used a lot of different tones in the eye shadowing, the image above with the fusha lip and eye then lighter pinks on the cheek and bottom of eye. Eyelashes are also a big look for Effie with the feathery pink eyelashes or the butterfly black ones above. This will be a lot of fun; it also helps with learning to blend bright colours which for me aren’t a everyday look but still need to be created well.



For the this look I started with a lighter pink base in which I covered the eye up to the brow. After I applied a darker pink onto the lid of the eye and down the nose. The blue was then applied onto the crease and brow bone which I lightly blended with the pink. Purple eye shadowing was also added to the crease to intensify the pink over the eyes. The eyeshadow was blend over the eye and out to create the imperfection look; structured without the look of actually being so.


I had the idea of using gold was also created to add a more eccentric look; I also think the gold suited the colouring of both Ky’s skin colour and the colouring of the eyeshadow. The brows were also filled in in gold because I wanted them to look feathered. The gold has been used using Illamasqua Liquid metal Solstice; this product is extremely high in pigment which is great as you don’t have to use much for it to go a long way and still be strong in colour.


The lips I decided to not completely fill as I wanted there to be a slight paled out foundation lip in the corners. The lip colour is a aqua lip gloss product I also brought from Illamasqua a while ago. The liquid gold was filled slightly over the lip and blended to match the lips.



In this lesson I feel like even though I was aiming for a imperfection type look there clearly was; even through my notes I can see now I planned the look a little too much which wasn’t the purpose of the lesson. The purpose of the lesson was to explore with the colours and loosen up; less is more. The look itself still works for me from the vast range of colours and the inclusion of gold which I really like. Is this look Effie Trinket? possibly; maybe add some eyelashes and I’d be there.


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