The High 5 model for analysing film

When analysing a film and writing about it you should follow the high five film model as it is structured easily to follow and notes down important steps that should be noted when writing.

The five steps are as follows

The Frame

  • The camera angles
  • Camera shots that are placed in the film
  • camera movement’s- in action shots ect


  • What is the mood of music and how does it fit in with the scene thats being performed
  • Sound effects, street sound effects/everyday or unrealistic sounds


  • Are their colour patterns within the film and are they noticeable or not
  • What is the lighting of the film, is there a overall mood to the lighting or is there a range

Mise En Scene

  • Who are the characters in the film and what characteristic’s do they fit into
  • What sorts of body language is shown and displayed to show relationships
  • What are the props in the film ect characters clothing
  • Everything that is featured in the frame


  • What is the pace of the film and does it get faster or slower in parts
  • How many edits can be spotted ?

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