Types of fashion film

Fashion film’s are set in either narrative or non narrative approaches. Fashion films can be split into Conventional organic, non narrative types of fashion films.

All the notes below were taken from a powerpoint in which we had in a lecture. Note some sentences aren’t my own.

Conventional narrative fashion film. Fashion acts as a aspirational symbol. Fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Deborah Tuberville strongly promoted a shift from the fashion product in the photo to a product photo that has more individual value beyond the product.

Garments which are featured prominently in narrative films and support the characters playing their part in the narrative.

Conventional cinematic narrative is used to outline fashion products

Next to famous actors, famous and well known directors are used for narrative approaches in fashion films, they become creative brands that promote the fashion.

Signature style of the director creates recognisable fashion films and supports the brand and its artistic value.

Often to access the well known actors famous directors are used for the films.

We were told to view Karl Lagerfelds fashion films ‘Remember Now’ and ‘Once upon a time…’

Organic narrative fashion film. Classic style cinema and narrative fashion film all elements are subordinate to telling a story; this excludes though cinematography, sound editing, set design and costume or fashion shown.

The models featured are often shown to play a less important role. Sometimes the model is only particularly visible as the fashion is the key focus as showing of the garments are the narrative.

The fashion film for Mui Mui named “Muta” the audience see’s 8 unrecognisable models on a post-apocalyptic cruise would be a type of organic film as it doesn’t show the models face or shoot angles of the models completely front on; the details and clothing are what is noticed. There is no dialogue in the film itself but there is a type of background noise that sounds like insects and machinery being played.

Non Narrative Fashion Film. The film is more avant-garde and experimental in its tactics. The films themselves make sure not to conform against the conventional cinema format.

The film uses abstraction, loops and other types of non-narrative types of films. In some substances the fashion film’s have been shown in actual catwalk shows such as Rifat Ozbek. The creators of the film allow their audiences on what they can see.

How to apply the different types of fashion film- The different approaches define your idea development and concept

Conventional – Hair, makeup and styling support the character, the character supports the narrative

Organic- Hair,makeup and styling support the character, the character supports the representation of the clothing

Non-narrative – Hair, makeup and styling support the character which supports the key fashion object featured. Creative and innovative hair and makeup designs complement the avant-garde representation.


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