Initial Music

For the music of my film I have initially come up with the concept of a musical undertone to be playing underneath one that is a track that will build up in places for dramatic effect. I thought of Enya’s “Orinoco flow” would be a good beginning music from my theme of a documentary type shoot with a large element of surrealism in as a lot of Enya tracks have featured in films.

I thought of when my character was finally relaxed in the park to use a song like “right here, right now” by Fatboy slim as it has a large build up and I could visualise in my head as its dramatic and has a fast pace to it which I wanted for filming to have long shots in that I think could work.

Diegetic sound was another which I’ve wanted to include in the film from the sound of the alarm to the street sounds of London that will be over dramatised to show the hustle and bustle of a big city.




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