Initial Story Board

The first story board that I tried to create for my film didn’t turn out exactly in the best way. The first page started off strongly and then I think I panicked and stopped drawing my work. This story board was definitely a beginning mark for the project. What I was trying to portray in the board was the commuting part of my film from waking up being disturbed by the early alarm clock that starts the routined life my character has. This work was just a practice and definitely not to a level of a university submission.

I feel like I panicked slightly in this simply due to the lack of knowledge and inspiration for my film; I need to find my spark and not just have a un referenced idea about a commuter with a mask. I feel like this is a learning curve and I will take a look back at the story board and be contented with where I am at the time with the project. Without completely slacking off my own work I will still use the waking up scene because it is an important part of the film and of course the rat mask will still be apart of it as I want to indicate the use of stress in a busy environment.








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