My first idea’s for my fashion film

Thinking over the last few weeks on what to create for my own fashion film I’ve started with some original plans which I plan to develop over the next coming weeks. My original idea came to me in a lecture where we were looking at the different forms of fashion films such as Conventional, Organic and Non-Narrative. Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 00.04.19

My Idea

The idea is a take on the everyday rat race. My character is a early twenties woman who starts of in the shot of waking up in the morning and then commuting to work.The film itself follows my character from her flat to her office where she then has a complete change of mind and wants to be tranquil and have peace of mind away from her hustle and bustle lifestyle that is routine after routine.The film itself though is unique because I want to see my character wear mostly a rat mask throughout the feature; I want the mask to symbolise how she feels inside and how her lifestyle is making her feel trapped and indifferent to everyone. In one scene I was also thinking about featuring men in suits wearing masks as I believe it would be interesting to show that my character wasn’t alone in her feelings. The build up to the finale will be full of grey and the buildings of London covering shots, I want the colouring to be similar in shadings. The finale scene will be full of colour when my characters face is finally shown and she can relax.

The camera’s being used I wanted to use a mixture of my canon 500D and also a go pro for the shots that look like point of view shots. Using a range of shots I want to be creative with certain aspects such as using reflective shots of my character in her mask in windows that will mirror her reflection. The contrast between her and other commuters will also stand out a lot and be interesting to look at in test shoots and final edits. A few shots of the tube will also be shown whilst in her commute as so many Londoners take the tube daily; for this shoots which will show the train approaching on the platform and also on the train itself with a shoot of her reading a daily newspaper but with only the angle of her neck down being filmed. For shots like this I believe I’m gonna look into gorilla filming as shooting on the underground as it is difficult to get permission. I also like the idea of using lots of back of head shots as it helps the audience and also intrigues the audience onto who my character could look like.


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