Film presentation



My film is based around the character of “Joanne” a London worker who feel trapped in the routine. Joanne is a young women who works in a office. The film centers around her from her perspective with camera shots that look like their point of view and following her whilst walking around.

Joanne’s face isn’t seen until the end of the film when she takes of her Rat mask and finally relaxed away from her enclosed lifestyleUnknown

Extra’s- Suited men that are also wearing rat masks that the character notice’s whilst walking in a crowd. These men are in the exact same position as Johanne

The performance

  • Shots of rush hour London will be featured with my character walking amongst them also on her way to work.
  • Joanne will walk with a slight shuffle to represent that she is exhausted and unhappy
  • The rat mask is extremely important for the entire piece as it represents that her life is stuck and completely irrelevant as all she’s doing is the same thing everyday.
  • Leaving her office job will be more dramatic compared to the grey start, rushing down the road to find her piece of mind will be exciting and full like the beginning of a adventure.
  • The film will end with her taking her mask of and exhaling a deep breath out like she’s free of stress finally.

Sequence & framing

  • The filming will be continuous and seem like the audience is following my character throughout her time. Some time will pass from getting up in the morning to her commute to arriving at work but these will be edited smoothly
  • The shots will be a mixture of long shots such as walking up the road or washing her face to close up face shots
  • The framing will be a range of camera angles. Waking up and have a mid and close up shot to full body shots walking down the street in her work wear and mask.
  • The shot of the audience seeing the rat mask for the first time is extremely important as it makes the audience have a sense of what happening in the film; this is also the first time the head is featured in frame.


The Music of the film will be mostly Background noise to support the idea of a busy London.

The end scene when my character is sitting in a green park (Greenwich observatory hopefully) will be like a burst of life into the film; the music will be a loud beat I’m thinking Florence and the machine cosmic love or Shake it out also by her.

Hair and Makeup

Her makeup is simple with light strobing on her skin. A light rose pink lip and light bronzing. The eyes are shadowed with browns and pale pinks. Liner is thin and brown in colouring. The look itself I want to be light and natural, the makeup should reflect a busy lifestyle where she wouldn’t spend ages getting ready In the morning. Natural and youthful is my aim for Joanne

The hair itself will be very simple styled into a loose bun that will seem disheveled once she removes her mask and her real face is shown.

The outfit I’ve decided to dress my character in will be a black pencil skirt that is calf length. Black shoes such as pumps or leather loafers. A light pink striped shirt that will have a white kami underneath that will be shown near the end of the film. Some light jewelry such as a pendant.

The rat mask is extremely important to the entire look, I want the impression of no personality in the characters clothing when she has it on.

In the scene where my character dashes out of work I want her to unbutton her top and untuck it to create a more relaxed vibe.


The film is going to be shot in London. The film will be begin in the character’s flat. The main shots will be of the characters commute to work so shots of the underground and the streets in commuting times. The working office I’ve decided to look at using a university office room as I think it would still be convincing.

Mise En Scene

The shots of London that will be featured will be grey in tones these will be edited for a more dramatic effect. The green from the park will be brighter in colours will not visible grey’s in colour.


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