Outfit Inspiration and colour meaning

This film is all about the fashion with the story and narrative shining over. For me the fashion of the film needs to actually mean something from the colouring and what designer’s or clothing I’m looking into.

I recently found an article all about the importance of colour and found it extremely interesting. The extract below is exactly on point with how people in their minds reference colours to certain characters. Red is seen to mean many different things but people usual connote red to mean danger or some kind of evil.

The Breaking Bad example is perfect, as it shows Walt, a character just starting to do bad things, slowly being consumed by evil, and by removing his red shirt and revealing a darker one, we’re seeing the progression of his character.


The use of colour is so important in film it usually leaves us to perceive different character’s and their attitudes. In our mind’s I always think we receive different colour palettes with certain narratives such as a Rose pink or a pale yellow being seen as a romantic toning.

Within my own film and what the story is I have been looking into yellow as a the main popping colour. I think yellow because when I think of yellow I think of the sun which I believe will look like a interesting juxtapose against the setting of business district Bank. The lighting of the film will be natural with the winter sun draping certain scene’s; there will be an element of a fresh new start which could also be connoted with the arrival of Spring

It’s the colour of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.


The idea I had was to have the rest of the clothing black against a yellow jacket that really popped and stood out in the film. I wanted the use of colour to be the main focus that the audience initially noticed.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 19.20.38.png


In a high fashion sense I found inspiration by looking into past catwalk shows that really reflected the colouring.

Ralph Lauren F/W 14 & Nicole Farhi A/W12 

The images I have found are great representations of what I had in mind when it came to the outfit selection of my character. The right outfit is more styled in a high fashion office job sense for me; my own outfit will also have the feel of structure and be covering. The burst of colour against the dark clothing makes the colour really stand out but there is still a structure to the outfit from the smart clothing underneath that will be my characters black work clothing. The outfit on the left I will take as further inspiration for my character due to the skirt shaping and the fact that I want to use a yellow jacket for the piece not a top.




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