The dA-Zed fashion film article

around a year ago dazed magazine wrote a article giving their explanation on fashion film and notable works to write about. The article itself is interesting as it gives a alphabetical list of different films and artists, with each film shown there is a title in order that gives an example of a field or idea in fashion film there are titles such as “G IS FOR GIFS” or “E IS FOR EARLY EXPERIMENTAL FILMS”

unsurprisingly the article includes the work of Ruth Hogben and Erwin Blumefeild. Ruth Hogbens works are extremely surreal and convey a difference of textures and movements in her films especially the ones I’ve seen with her partnering with Gareth Pugh. The film “in the red” portrays a mixture of dance and high fashion. The film itself was mesmerising especially with the effects of the red mist to suit the strong colour theme of the film. In the article the writer talks of the movement of the film the flamenco and the colouring “The film is filled with flamenco, movement and of course, lots of red. Hogben explores the relationship between strength and sensuality and treads the fine line between fashion and dance.”

Erwin Blumefeild  is also great to look at because his workings are influenced by florals and patterns and textures from the wind effect on the models dress but also with his heavy hand on surrealism; with effects that are used like the woman who looks like she’s handing herself a cigarette in the mirror. From the age of the film I am complete captured by Blumefeild’s creativity and uniqueness.


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