Spectre the latest film for James Bond directed by Sam Mendes; the film itself has a lot to achieve with the expectation for the film extremely high when rumours came about its existence. With Spectre being the twenty fourth instalment of Bond the audience are now used and know what to expect when it comes to the Bond films even though the main man might of changed a couple of times.

The opening song and main single for the film was sung by Sam Smith and called “Writings on the wall”. When I saw this film I was quickly captivated by the opening sequence like most Bond opening scenes there is a huge array of artist talent and special effects that reflect subtly onto the film later on; In this film the beautiful black octopus that was a main feature in the sequence and was represented later on on the antagonist group’s ring.  The opening song scene seems actually more like a short film like the fashion films we have been studying from its artist quality that is really in time and suits the music, the editing of the scene really suits the pace of the theme song; much like in our own fashion films using a song that really suits the entire piece is key as I find music creates a mood.

The dress of the film for me though in an obvious modern time has deep references to the older Bond Films with similar outfits between the now Bond Daniel Craig and Roger Moore who played Bond from 1973-1985 the next longest bond compared to Craig though Moore did more films. Even through the image below it is obvious the clothing references that have been used. The gun sling to the polo neck this image is pretty identical in a clothing sense. This photo did get me thinking about bond though and all the actors that have played him; the look is dated but isn’t that how its meant to be? Bond the spy who loved many women and killed the baddies.


The bond woman of Spectre are equally as glamorous, with all three main actresses who were Naomie Harris as MoneyPenny , Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra and Léa Seydoux as Dr Madeleine Swann who is the main love interest of the film. The film portrays the woman as smart and glamorous. With Madeline’s Swann’s character having a in-depth story within the film with her father being Mr.White who was in Casino Royal and also this film.



Theres one scene that really stands out for me when it comes to showing the glamour and sex appeal of the Bond women. Léa Seydoux as Madeline Swann when she’s aboard the train in the dinner carriage the look of other passengers and even Bond’s utter lust for the character. The outfit is referenced to old hollywood glamour with the actresses curvy shape coming out underneath. The inclusion of the dress falling to outline her genitals and thighs makes me thinks of the Pre Raphaelites arts with the gentle figures of women being painted in soft material’s that looked extremely romantic and even in the use of wording “Soft” from her curves.

The hair makes me think of a Lauren Bacall inspired soft curl; the hair is definitely a 1940’s pin curl look. The film is effortless with its old charm even the scene on the train the location and theme of the inside carriages are old but not dated in my view as they look smart and elegant and really seem typical to the classic Bond theme.

What I always think with the bond women is the fact that their makeup is never heavy and they look more natural with their attractiveness coming out on screen without having to have such a heavy look. In my own film the makeup will be light because I feel like as a character on her way to a busy day job in one of the busiest city’s in the world she wouldn’t take to long to apply her makeup. Well in my mind she wouldn’t. The adaptation of creating a character will be partially be taken from Spectre with the aspect of not creating a heavy look but with the ideals of being a busy woman much like the women we see on the screen in this film.





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