Looking into Location

For the location in my film I had the idea pretty much from the beginning of shooting in London; the main reason why I wanted to do this was because of the feel of the huge City I was contemplating just shooting in Southampton but I felt with the entire commuting plan that London would be more believable especially with the use of the underground and forever large buildings covering the sky line.

For the beginning of the film I’m going to shoot in a flat; the flat in question is my brothers mates in Denmark Hill near Clapham Junction. I’ve never been to the flat before but have seen images and think it will work really well in the room for my characters bedroom because its light and have the feeling of a young person living there which it is; the room is minimalistic which is exactly what I wanted. My female lead won’t be materialist as I want her to be an young women newly into her career. I want little of the flat to be shown mostly just her bedroom and the stairs leading to the door and bathroom for mirror scene; The scenes will only show my character waking up and her leaving for work.

The mirror bathroom scene is vital because that is where the audience first sees the rat mask and the question is raised over my characters sanity What questions will be raised? who is this woman? what is this woman? I want the angling of the camera to show a clear reflection into the mirror but not been in scene so will be lowered and diagonally across from the actor.

The main commuting scene will be shoot on the underground but will be filmed using gorilla filming as I know it can be seen as dodgy filming there; gorilla filming though is definitely a good idea as it will seem more natural and if a passerby looks at the camera its like the person is looking at my character in her mask.


The outside office filming was going to be done in Southbank but now will; be done in Bank as I feel it still has a amazing architecture vibe but on a Saturday we will be more capital or shooting and there won’t be as many people passing by this also means that it will be a lot easier when it comes to the continuity. The views from bank onto the river are also extremely interesting with the view of Tower Bridge and the shard in a obvious view; a shot of the a London back drop will really fulfil my vision.


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