Blade Runner & The Last Samurai Love Scene

In a lecture we studied we were presented with two scenes from the films “Blade Runner” staring Harrison Ford and “The Last Samurai” staring Tom Cruise. I had seen both films before so knew which scene’s we would be viewing. I wrote notes about what I saw after viewing each scene twice; we were then asked to discuss in groups how we felt and what we saw each time.

Blade Runner

First View- The scene is almost like forbidden lust, unsure of how to act upon their emotions which are extremely frowned against in their current situation. I wrote that the scene itself makes you feel confused because of the characters lack of self recognition and uncertainness between each other.

Harrison Ford’s character Deckard also seems to look rather unwell which from last scenes we know is due to a injury. His face looks not only pale but pasty and sweaty which is highlighted by the moon light. In the beginning of the scene Deckard is resting whilst Rachel (Sean Young) is analysing old photos and finally taking her structured hair down. The scene is interesting as it finally shows Rachel’s human side she’s relaxing taking her hair down which also reflects on the way she’s feeling towards Deckard the desire is finally coming out. I feel like looking at photo’s Rachel is inspired by how women are looking so she takes her hair down as she’s always been created to look a certain way. The scene made me apprehensive on what the rest of the film was going to include especially if I was a viewing who’d never seen the film before in my head I’d be asking the questions what is going to happen between these characters? 

Second View- 

What I noticed this time around was the clear injury on Decker’s stomach that has been bandaged up this asks the question was it Rachel that’s been caring for him and how has this injury affected him.

When Rachel is looking at the woman in the photos you can tell how much she is urning to like that to be a human woman and not a product of design. In a way she’s not looking but studying the images. Whilst playing the piano also its interesting because it’s clear she’s never played the piano but knows the piece of music that wakes up Deckard; this makes me think that part of the human Rachel is a design of has somehow accidentally programmed into herself. This makes the audience think what actually are the Replicant’s? 

Deckard :  “I dreamt Music”

Rachel : “I didn’t know if I could play” 

The scene then get’s passionate when Rachel becomes upset with not knowing what she is and tries to leave the Flat it is that then that makes Deckard stop her and declare his lust for her when they share a passionate kiss. The kiss is extremely passionate but Rachel somehow still looks innocent and not educated on what she’s doing. 


The Last Samurai 


First view-

This film is extremely passionate and moving from the start; I remember watching this as a little kid with the fighting and romance between Tom Cruises character “Capt. Nathan Algren” and Koyuki Kato’s character “Taka”

In the scene we watched there is a clear conflict between duty and love; all the audience wants Cruise’s character to do is hold Kato’s character and tell her he loves her but he can’t from his role as a samurai that he has to abide with. When I watched the scene I felt like they were telling each other they loved each other anyway without even saying it. Caring and romantic the beautiful Japanese woman is dressing Cruise for battle, with the chance that is maybe the last time they will ever see each other again. The music matches the emotion of the scene with the instrumental piece being slow and moving; the music is also infact the same at the end of the film. There is a lot of respect between them.

Second view-

Love that can’t be; well for now. The amount of respect between each character is obvious as is their love for one another. Both are extremely brave and with held from their feelings with only the pain on their faces showing how they actually feel. It feels as if their saying goodbye.


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