Marc Jacob’s Makeup Design


The article on the Marc Jacob’s Autumn/Winter 15 show by Vogue

The images above are from the article vogue covered for the Marc Jacobs A/W 2015 show. The entire look for the show is like a dark hollywood glamour with the deeper tones in clothing and makeup. Even though there is a range in the ethnicity of models I feel like from the makeup the models are made to look almost grey and dead in their colouring. The eye makeup is deep set and reminds me of a 1920’s inspired look; the look kind of reminds of the Black Dahlia that has been represented in film and television. The setting of the show was a dark back ground to created an dark moody atmosphere.12358345_10154340677079325_694736764_n

The undeniable sinister edge was mostly derived from the combination of the screeching scratching string soundtrack – uncomfortably grating – and the ugly hair and make up; Jacobs’s models wore tightest top knots and their faces were powdered pale with sunken shadowed eyes and lips painted in deepest darkest plum – it was haunting – and quite shocking to the eye given that for the last 10 days, every other show in New York has favoured ‘pretty’: clean loose hair, and a no-make-up-make-up look.We were asked to work in pairs and design the look first of all on a face chart and then onto one of us. 

Sarah Harris




The makeup itself was applied to me after we had talked about the design. The skin is dewy with quite a heavy finish for a more flawless look. With a multi tonal purple shading onto the eyes and underneath the eyes. The lipstick is also a tone of purple which now upon reflection I think we should of darkened up a bit for more of a accurate representation of the MJ look. The contouring for the show is extreme with the models slim faces protruding out with the cheekbones and jaws being highlighted.





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