types of F Film

Fashion film’s are set in either narrative or non narrative approaches. Fashion films can be split into Conventional organic, non narrative types of fashion films.

Some of the notes below were taken from a powerpoint in which we had in a lecture.

Conventional narrative fashion film. Fashion acts as a aspirational symbol. Fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Deborah Tuberville strongly promoted a shift from the fashion product in the photo to a product photo that has more individual value beyond the product.

Garments which are featured prominently in narrative films and support the characters playing their part in the narrative.

Conventional cinematic narrative is used to outline fashion products

Next to famous actors, famous and well known directors are used for narrative approaches in fashion films, they become creative brands that promote the fashion.

Signature style of the director creates recognisable fashion films and supports the brand and its artistic value.

Often to access the well known actors famous directors are used for the films.

We were told to view Karl Lagerfelds fashion films ‘Remember Now’ and ‘Once upon a time…’

Organic narrative fashion film. Classic style cinema and narrative fashion film all elements are subordinate to telling a story; this excludes though cinematography, sound editing, set design and costume or fashion shown.

In a lecture we were shown a film named Muta created by Lucrecia Martel that was for the designer brand Mui Mui and was based around a post-apocalyptic cruise ship; the film was interesting as it didn’t show the models faces but had referencing sound effects such as the buzz of an insect that makes the audience think the models are actually not what they seem. The main focus to this film though isn’t the models but what their wearing with the slick shots of their clothing that are thoroughly accessorised. The film is very calm but has a horrific side with the elements of mystery and a scene where one of the models seemingly falls over board not to be rescued by anyone; the scene actually reminds me of how insects get trapped in the sink or bath sometimes and meet their ends accidentally



Non Narrative. Non Narrative films explore the avant-garde of fashion experimental film that stood up or opposed to the normalities of cinema. The films are made to be abstract and also take hold of what the audience can view which makes them interesting to watch. In London Fashion week in 1989 when a Non Narrative film by designer Rifat Ozbek replaced the usual catwalk show for a fashion film.  The film is busy and full of colours and movement. There are so many different focuses on this film its hard to focus on the screen in different ways. The music is like a club with large techno beats that add to the trip vibe. In some final shots the screen splits and theres a mirror image



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