Final Storyboard


The final story board was created to find some inspiration’s and guidance for shots for the filming shoot day and also from the changes in story that has happened since working more on the project.The changes came to most of the layout of the film after I started looking into the mental state and began exploring how to use it for my own character. The story interesting due to the main in the film playing two parts to her; the woman and the rat mask.

The mask is key to the film because its creates a surreal feeling to the film’s finished look that would of been weak if the “imaginary friend” was just a reflection of the character. I feel like the whole film will be a light hearted look at what is effecting million’s of people around the world.


Page 1

The film begins with a shot of my leads eye. The frame is an extreme shot with the title “You & I” which is in reference to the story and also the music by Above and beyond “We’re all we need”. The duration of the shot is arounf 2 seconds in length.

The screen then flickers to a dream sequence in the woods which will now be filmed in the common. This will be the first shot of the rat mask. This shot is less then a second.

The shots then carry on like this until there will be a shot of the rat mask then it will change from a mid shot to a close up to another mid shot of the rat mask.





There is a shot of the character looking around a tree which I though would create a playful tone to the scenes due to this being a dream and the character being innocent.

Another extreme close up of the eye which has remanences of the day before’s makeup on. This shot will be up for around 2 seconds.

The next shot is of a montage of images connecting in and out of the characters face and rat mask. These will be edited down to simply flash up on camera. Each shot with be positioned in a mid shot framing.




Page 3

The montage is still happening on this page; I’ve drawn the angles I thought would be cool for later editing.

The dream sequence’s last shot is a Long shot of the character walking into the distance. The shot will last for around 5 seconds and be a reference to waking up. The alarm sound will start half way through this shot.




Page 4

Another extreme close up of the eye; this time the eye will open and be in focus of the pupil dilating . The shot will be around 4 seconds.

The next shot is another longly timed one with the angling being from above at an angle and show the character turning her alarm of and turning over and sighing.

The mirror shots are important as it will show the character getting ready then the mask will flicker up. She will stare at herself and inspect the mask from the mirrors reflection. The entire shot will last for about 8 seconds.

A long shot of the stairs from above with shot the character walking down the stairs on her way to work. This is the first time the yellow jacket will appear back in the scene. The outfit is the same as the dream sequence. 6 seconds.



Page 5

Shot from top of stairs of door being opened and shut. Long shot and will be around 2/3 seconds.

Shot of front door where the woman opens the door and looks across the street to see the Rat mask. There they wave at each other as if they’ve just seen a old friend. The rat mask will be half jumping into the air in excitement. The chorus of the song will also feature in this shot.

Next the shots will be another montage of shots of the commute to work where the character is walking down the street to the tube. A range of textures will be featured from different parked cars in view on left side of my character to garden walls. The shots will be a long shot but end with a mid shot of the characters back walking.




Page 6

Long shot of train pulling onto platform; depending on the day the angling could be changed. Duration around 3 seconds

Gorilla filmed shot that is medium in range. Character is sitting opposite camera reading a magazine. 3 seconds.

Shot of walking out of underground; filming different angles of the underground focusing on the squareness of shots and signs. 5 seconds

The reflection of the character walking against a large building in her outfit; the shot will be long. The next shot is taken from the same building but with the angling with be of a direct action shot that is mid range and has the character walking towards camera looking straight ahead. Duration 4 seconds.

Next will be a shot taken on the day of part of London to reference to the audience of the location. Maybe traffic or a landmark will be featured.




Page 7

Another shot of London will follow the last to create a smooth montage for the final few scenes.

This scene is more interesting towards the audience as the character looks directly into camera as if to follow and then walk to right in front of a window; the shot will then flip to the character in the mask as if she’s reflecting upon her image.

The last shot will be a on the water side of the character walking against a London backdrop walking away from screen the shot will be long and last for around 6 seconds.



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