Final Music for film “You & I”

I found this song rather late into the project; I found it after it randomly flicking on whilst I was blogging and listening to youtube.

“We’re all we need, oh darling” sung over and over. The theme of the film and narrative is all based around the idea of mental and social disorders. In a busy city when your pretty much alone and working everyday I felt like this song filled the film perfectly. I couldn’t believe how well it fitted my idea. The build up of the song is also smooth and could be fitted into the film without really compromising on the lack of time we can edit into.

I want the end of the film to reach a climax with the song as I think it will fit into the imagery really well with the sun’s brightness being reflected in scene. The last lyrics of the song are…..

Most certainly I’m where I’m supposed to be
In a molten sun; with you I am free
Today our hearts won first prize
‘Сause we’re wise with the feeling

Which I feel match the mood of my character; she is alone but she’s content with herself and the mask. Before when I was looking into song’s I just wanted to look for tunes that has selected beats and rises and falls in tempo though they probably would of still worked I feel like this song actually connects to the entire production and what it means.


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