Continuity 1

For the continuity part of the project in class we were assessed to do the look for our film onto our partner. Above are the first photos from assessment one. We have had to learn the technique of continuity especially in our films as shooting days might be different but also because the technic is critical to know as makeup students.

The images I’m happy with as I feel like they work against the planning of the hair and facial charts. I’m always amazed how different design’s can look on the model’s face so am aware that the makeup on model in the assessment and the actors makeup for my film do look slightly different but that is just a unavoidable thing.

The makeup is exactly how I wanted; a low coverage that is slightly dewy with a brown mix eye shadowing which has a slight metallic finish.

The problem I had with photographing the makeup was showing the makeup on the lid which I don’t think’s be conveyed very well.

I’m happy with the hair because I had always envisioned a quickly put together bun that had been rushed to reflect the lack of time with my character; I do feel like a bun is slightly formal but for the assessment I was happy with the placement of hair.




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