Working as a team

For the films shooting I have decided to ask for my brother to film and add further thoughts and feelings into the piece; like a co director. I’m quite lucky that the film came about in the sense that my brother Jack studied film at university which means he was the first person I thought about when I found out the brief to help. Jack is the only other member of the filming team but had connections in London which meant we could film in the location of the Denmark Hill flat. For research helpfully he recommend a number of hims that I have looked at and also found more inspiration from such as Donnie Darko to Fight Club his impressive knowledge of films has helped me out when its come to using my creativity in changing the film’s identity. On the shooting day for the scenes in London it was easy to communicate and speak in detail about camera shots and the length of shots such as the inclusion of master shots which are used. I would definitely say working on the film’s shooting has definitely given me the confidence to work more in a team; I found it helpful hearing what an other creative mind thought of my work. All the editing for the film though I had decided would be done by myself as I think its important to learn and also to connect with my work.


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