Camera Shots

The fashion film above is a film to promote the magazine Jalouse and is created by Matthew Frost. A film which I could use for inspiration within my own film due to its vast amount of master shots with the character coming in and out of the frame in the quickly edited film the camera also follows the lead in the shots of her walking in a continuous sense. What I also find interesting about the film in the fact that a couple of times it goes in and out of focus this references the fact to me that the film is like a documented piece. The lighting is also extremely natural which I also think really suits the narrative.


Within my own film I have begun looking into the other shots that I want in the film. To add to a dramatic effect there will be a range of different angles that will blend when I edit the film. A extreme close up of the eye will be the first shot to reference my character dreaming. Throughout the film to include the rat mask as a main feature there will be close up’s and mid shots in the mask. There is also a scene when the character steps out the front door and starts waving at the rat mask across the street when filmed these will be shot twice but in edit will come in and out of mid and long shots across the road.

Types of camera shots that will be used in my fashion film

Extreme Long shot

Long Shot

Medium Shot

Close Up

Extreme close up

Action shot





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