A gif is a graphic image file that moves; an animated gif is one that is a compressed set of files that are set out in order and form a short clip from the images.

The film above I really like in its animated format it reminds me of stop motion art. The gif also looks like it was done in a professional shoot due to the shoot being in a studio.

In my own film I have created a number of Gif’s though the clips are extremely short I feel like their really interesting to see; I feel like a proud mother with my film so that might be the case why.

The website that I’ve used to create my Film’s Gifs is one called Giphy

Gif 1

giphy (3).gif

I really like this shot in fact its one of my favourites. The detailing is cool; I’ve included the shot of the open eye also because I like the effect giphy created of the eyes stacked on top of each other.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.33.40.png

Gif 2

giphy (1).gif

Gif 3

giphy (4).gif

Gif 4




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