Harvey 1950

The tale of Harvey the 6’3 white rabbit, why does this film remind me extremely like Donnie Darko but with a more comedic edge? Watching the film that was directed by Henry Koster I felt like I wasn’t exactly watching a comedy and felt that there was actually a creepy edge to the entire thing. Harvey the huge rabbit who likes to befriend social outcasts like the main character Elwood P.Dowd (James Stewart) who spends most of the time in a bar whom is the rabbit’s best friend. Maybe its due to the fact that I had previously watched Donnie Darko I feel like this film has a lot more depth to it then being a gentle light hearted comedy what is the message of the film and how can it be taken and seen by the audience?. There is also huge referencing in Harvey that must of influenced Donnie Darko in a scene called “Poor, poor thing” where Elwood explains to his therapist that Harvey can stop time and go through time unchanging the present at all.

The acting from Stewart is extremely well played and you can’t help liking the character even though he’s clearly extremely eccentric. The entire film though bazaar to me has the clear moral message that is quoted by “There are two ways to live well, you can be smart or pleasant. I’ve been smart for years, and I recommend pleasant.” This makes the film more accepting but I still think it a hard watch.



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