Natural Makeup for TV


This look is great to practice and easy to achieve; for the I’m not wearing any makeup look which is often seen in film’s the natural “Invisible” makeup look is key to know.

This look reminds me of a chapter from Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual entitled “The beauty of diversity” on a fold on the page is a range of models all with extremely natural makeup but still flawless skin. The chapter then goes to talk about skin and tones that are usually foundation in different skin variations.


Health and Safelty

  • Clean washed hands must always be the first thing before touching client
  • Hair is tied back at all times
  • Model is wearing a apron to protect clothing
  • Must check whether there is any contraindications such as sickness or infection

Products Used

  • Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser
  • Benefit brow zings eyebrow shaping kit
  • Mac Face and body
  • Mac Set powder
  • Lush lip scrub
  • Zoeva colour blush
  • Dermacolor Concealer

Makeup Application

  • Cleanse the face fully and then moisturise
  • Using a light splitting brush apply a light layer of foundation on the skin and blend.
  • lightly apply Dermacolor under eye and blend. Add colouring to any redness to reduce.
  • Powder the face with setting powder/Translucent powder
  • Apply a prep to the lips such as the lush lip scrub to remove dead skin and promote blood flow
  • Apply blush onto the apples of cheeks lightly ensuring the colour suits the skin tone and isn’t to bright or heavy.
  • Curl the eyelashes and apply a thin layer of mascara. Do not build up the look as it will not look natural.




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