DAZED The fashion photographers shooting from love and loneliness

Full article and Film here

I came across this work part way through my research into the idea of loneliness and what can happen when one is in that social or mental state. The film by Daze is 5:19 and its easy to say I was completely captivated the entire time. What a story.

In my mind I had never thought that there was such a thing as people going to the events and taking photos just out of passion and for the love of what they see; but after watching the short film it seems completely logical and interesting.

The film created by Salome Oggenfuss; the film then follows a couple of the photographers being featured in the series the narrator’s are the different photographer’s featured in each scene. “I am not in the real world, I know it. I am not in the real world but I enjoy it” Is the first words we hear the photographer narrate over he also calls the models Princess’s in which is how he views them. Bobby Lee a photographer from Florida is the main to be featured in the short. The film follow’s Lee to his home where he talks about his life and how he could even think of a hundred reasons why he wouldn’t recommend to do what he does which is a complete juxtapose to what he earlier says about the interactions with people and finding it to be his passion a natural temporary moment.

he is truly passionate even in a humorous way you can’t help find Lee extremely interesting. Though the title and even obvious to the audience theres a sadness about Lee’s existence like photographing the models at their shows fill’s his happiness and completes him in one scene when Lee follows fashion week to New York the director asks him the simple question “What will people remember you for?” Lee then replies laughing saying “Who what people? Man I’m just to lonely” the reality of why the photographers actually do their passion is seemingly obvious now. The loneliness of life has brought them onto the same wave length and given them the same passion; none of the men actually get paid for their work in fact they literally just go to fashion week as they truly love it with the escapism from their lives seeing the stark contrast between model’s and the lifestyle. 

The men love what they do but why do I feel sad for them? I know I shouldn’t because they are content and love to watch the next new models rising and the moving times of fashion I also know that the photographers would hate my pity. The characters remind me that they still don’t seem to be truly happy and that maybe there is a social issue for why they do what they do in the first place.

I feel inspired for my film with the idea of the loneliness that my character feels in her everyday routine. How she is lonely and only truly has the company of one thing the mask.


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