The Amityville Horror 2005

One of us that are already interested/aware by the story of The Amityville Horror murders that took place in November 12, 1974 and saw six members of the DeFeo family murdered execution style in there own home.

The opening scene of the film is a reenactment of that night in 1974 with Ronald DeFeo Jr murdering his entire family after claiming that he heard voices in his head persuading him to do so.  One scene that is focused on is the murder of his little sister “Jodie” (Isabel Conner) who later is the only family member to be re-shown in ghost form. She is important to look at from my idea of an imaginative friend and the subconscious mind.

The film itself follows the characters of George (Ryan Reynolds) and Kathy Lutz (Melissa George) and her children from a previous marriage who move into the Amityville house one year after the murders. They are made aware of what happened in the house but still chose to move there. This is quickly seen as a huge mistake when the entire household start experiencing paranormal events and Chelsea (Chloe Grace Moretz) the young daughter of Lutz begins a friendship with “Jodie” who unknowingly is a murdered DeFeo child.

The character of Jodie Is interesting because of the fact that she was once this innocent child who can’t be more then 6 years old and yet she is ruined and disturbed by what happened to her. In many ways theres something devil like about her from the that she wants Chelsea to join her in death. The idea of a imaginary friend has alway’s somewhat seemed to be dark in its existence but the director for this film Andrew Douglas seems to of taken the idea to another level.





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