Fight Club 1999

Fight club directed by David Fincher is one of my favourite films it’s a cinematic excellence that is intelligent and busy; analysing it for this project is perfect because of the similarities that both my film and fight club hold. Norton who play’s the character simply entitled “Narrator” throughout the film is a man who is is from the everyday he has a white collar job in which he is extremely disconnected and hates. The Narrator is a interesting character because of his mental state and the links that my film have with the everyday and the helplessness of routine; Norton suffers from insomnia and many other issues that are soon highlighted from the film. What interests me also is the fact that the character urns for company even doing so by pretending to be ill and going to support groups this loneliness reminds me of an article I wrote about from Dazed “The fashion photographers shooting from love and loneliness” there are similarities in the wanting for company. Norton “Narrator” meets Brad Pitt “Tyler” on a plane and they begin talking; Pitt is introduced as a soap sales man. The pair soon start up a unique club entitled “Fight club” where men can fight recreationally in the basement of Tyler’s dilapidated house.

The film which was originally a book by Chuck Palahniuk has been created with for the audience to witness the rise and fall of a man who has extreme dissociated personalities and the idea’s of one convincing the other to be violent is also interesting to witness. Their are complete juxtaposed between Pitt’s character and Norton.

tumblr_lxm0c3OMrR1qfukk7o1_r2_500.gif                               Typical costuming 

Tyler’s costuming is interesting especially compared to the Narrator’s who is seen a lot of the film in a shirt and trousers; unipersonal work clothing. Tyler is the complete difference his shirts are more revealing and he likes to wear leather especially in this iconic red jacket that is a key element to the costume. Tyler wear’s flamboyant shirts also that reminds me of some kind of Hawaiian shirt. He is seen as  a complete opposite to the Narrator even though they are actually meant to be the same person; the difference reminds me of another film with Jim Carrey which is called “Me, myself and Irene” where theres a reserved police office who has schizophrenia after bottling up his feelings for to many years; his other counter part is loud and shamelessly ridiculous; though the films a comedy there are similarities to the films narrative’s within the ideas of characters.

The use of Fight club can been seen as a huge inspiration towards my film as I study more into the idea of personality disorders and mental health. The stress’s that a everyday office job can have will also be in reference for my characters lifestyle and stressful job.



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