Dissociative Identity Disorder

Much like in fight club between the narrator and Tyler Dissociative identity disorder is a psychiatric disorder which means that the identity of the individual endures more then one personality this is also paired with memory impairment and multiply mental disorders that are considerably more likely to have if one is to suffer.

In my film the beginning of the film will start of as a dream with my character’s flashing back and forth being the characters of the woman and the rat mask this element with intrigue the audience into whats happening; in the scene where without the mask the character walks off is the end of the dream sequence the alarm with start to go off over the shoot and then we will see the reality of my characters life. The rat mask will carry on popping up throughout the film because of the link with a dissociative identity and the mental state of my character. I’ve been looking into how working in a certain environment and even living in a city can affect the mental mind so will be interesting to show when my films edited fully.

I’ve been looking into film’s that follow the spectrum of identity disorders its surprising how many there are out there. From Donnie Darko to Fight Club to Norman Bates in Psycho there is a large range of dual personalities in cinema. In fact it’s interesting how vast the range of film’s are from The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy) to Lord of the ring’s with Gollum (Andy Serkis) the range to the mental mind can be shown in every genre of film.

imdb list of films to include Dissociative identity disorder’s

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