True Romance Elvis Scene 1993

True Romance is a romantic crime drama it is tough to pin the film into one particular genre as it contains elements of several genres, typical of Tarantino to add multiple genre tropes to his work. If you had too though like your life depended on it you would call it a romance period.

True Romance maintains a 90s style in the way the characters are dressed for instance the character Vincenzo Coccotti and the mobsters are tailored in a late eighties early nineties style with their big lapels and broad shoulders on their suit jackets. The suits are clearly Italian strengthening the ties these characters have to the mafia plus the fact that they are all dressed in dark colours we are made aware as the viewer that these are the bad guys. Clarence (Christian Slater) throughout the film is shown wearing sunglasses that are replicas of the ones worn by the king in many of his public appearances. These sunglasses expand upon Clarences early admission to the girl in the bar that he watched and wanted to “Be that hillbilly so bad” the hillbilly in question Mr Elvis Presley. The costumes worn mirror the style of 90s America as it was the early half of the decade the 80s influence is very much alive. Alabama’s (Patricia Arquette) hair is blonde with dark roots her cut is very 90s with it being un-styled carefree and one length coupled with her blue eyes she has an angelic quality to her with her youthful fresh faced glow. Alabama’s style is loose and carefree she likes bold standout colours and clashing prints, her see through shirts where you can see her bras plus the straps on show are perhaps the most iconic accessory in the film. Alabama’s clothing is very 80s in its appeal and has gone on to influence many a modern girl, just head to Shoreditch on a sunny saturday to see for yourself. Alabama over anyone else in the movie has gone on to become a style icon as lots of clarences wardrobe was borrowed from over iconic leading men. The gun used by both Clarence and Alabama is a snub nosed possibly smith and wesson revolver. This gun is probably the most important accessory in the film because it is symbolic of the fact that they together are a sweet little bumblebee but they have a stinger they are not afraid to use.The gun comes up in conversation many a time and is shiny and pleasing to the eye like a broach or a ring. To further strengthen the point about the gun if you look at the dvd case the gun is held by Clarence and positioned in-between him and Alabama “It is better to have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it.”

The scene above is extremely fitting with my own project due to the confusion I want the audience to feel about the realism of my own film and the rat mask. In this scene near the beginning of the film the film show’s a similar confusion upon Clarence’s sanity when he hallucinates speaking to Elvis Presley who is his icon in the bathroom in his flat. I like the use of not showing Elvis’s face due to the realism being affected and not ruined; the beginning of the scene begins with Elvis singing and then talking to Clarence. The hallucination actually convinces him to kill Alabama’s pimp Drexl. This makes the audience question Clarence’s mental state or the fact that his love at first sight for Alabama is so incredibly strong which it is. He gets pretty to the point when he tells Clarence to kill Drexl and gives the suggestion 30 seconds into the scene “Kill him, shoot him in the face put he down like a dog”  When he has convinced Clarence into getting away the murder he says “Clarence I like you. Always have always will” before he walks out of shot and back to non existence. The things he would do for Alabama are endless; the root has been planted in his mind.


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