Short Cut evaluation and shots

Above is the first edited cut of my fashion film. The story follows my character from a euphoric dream to the reality of a 9/5 London job. The story is interesting because their is a uncertainty whether the character is seeing the rat masked character in real life or she’s seeing them in her mind. I want the film to ask the questions of the characters mental state and whether she is actually awake yet. Has the rat mask escaped the dream to comfort my character as she see’s them across the street and greets them like a old friend. I feel like the film follows my character to the end of where she is content.

A lot of the shots used are long recordings such as when the camera’s following my actor down the ramped walk in back before it flips onto an angle of her walking directly in front of the camera; or when she’s walking towards the sun’s rays opposite the shard these takes are long and would be described as action shots. The only extreme close up in the film is from the shot of the eye and it waking up; I find the dilation of the pupil on screen to be really interesting to see and realistic.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this first edit I think the music really suits the theme and idea’s I have. I think the change of idea I had once creating my second story board really improved my film for the good the researching into films and finding the roots of dissociative identity disorders has fulfilled my film into a piece not just based around the stress of London and feeling trapped. There is still a lot to be done on the film such as cutting down the timings the longest time the film can be on the brief is 2:25 minute’s which I know I can achieve if I edit precisely and intricately. I have the plan of tweaking the music to match the film’s points more also as the songs drop at the end of the film I feel should be further back with a more accepting bit at the end which can be faded out. The ending of the film with be the shoot of my character against the backdrop of London which I feel is a great shot my director found. The shoot really expresses how beautiful London can actually be.



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