Editing my Film

Editing my film was a lot of fun; all the hard work over the last few months were finally in the processes of complication. The edits did take a long time to achieve but that was more with getting the timing’s completely right as I edited the song down and had to cut certain beats to work with over scenes.

In the end I did stick pretty well to the story board which has helped me out in the editing and filming processes. The final scene though was something that was decided on the day from the location we had found. The shot in that scene I think works the best for the quality of lights and depth of the film. The story board was also changed from the starting idea due to the ending’s being different. The film started of as a dream and ended with the shot of London by the river instead of the first story board of it ending in Greenwich park. I actually think the unplanned way of shooting completed the film.

Much of the film was shot in a style of documentary which meant I didn’t want to use effects on the footage as it didn’t work with the style I wanted there to be. The lighting was all natural and not adapted which I also think works. The most time consuming part of the project was editing down all the footage as there was a lot and my first draft was over a minute longer then the top boundary. I did struggle adapting the film down to still work how I wanted but I am extremely proud of my work’s outcome.

I had zero to very limited experience when it came to editing the footage so adding the music and creating the scenes to match the music was more of a creative challenge. Luckily for me I live with four other girls on the course so could ask for help when I needed to.

The only tutorial I looked at for my film was how to incorporate a title sequence into my film as I wanted one to flash up with the first shot in the opening sequence that had a piece pace feel coming in and out of the actor’s sleeping eyes and rat mask. After watching the film it was incredibly simple to put the simple title into the film.

Overall I am extremely happy with the way my films turned out. I feel like my chose of music has also worked with the film from the meaningful lyrics that work with the story the use of a more dance based song makes the feel of the feel more upbeat and alive. After all the research the quality of my film is how I envisioned. I also think the planned clothing has worked really well with the yellow jacket really standing out in shot. Editing the film was interesting from the range of shots me and my brother had worked on on the shooting day. It’s surprising what was in my head that has become substance has worked so much better then I thought it would.



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