Final facial chart

For my facial charts I wanted the design to look very natural and not heavy. The lifestyle of my character I wanted to reflect from a lack of time. The youthful face would have a light application of makeup applied.



The first face chart that I set my design on

This facial chart was my first one that I worked on for the film. This was the chart that I used for my continuity assessment. Though pretty much the same as the chart below the makeup on this paper I feel is of less quality then the one below as I think it has more grip when applying the makeup to show the colouring and pigmenting of the colours. So showing on a photo of my plan for the look is difficult

The colouring on this look is mostly natural tones from the brown eyeshadow on lids to the bronzer cheeks that are lightly put on. I have also applied so blush to the apple of the cheeks to create a more young innocent look. The season of winter would also make for a more flushed face which I wanted.

On the lips I have lined them with spice and used a mix of spirit and velvet teddy from Mac to cover; I felt like these colour’s really suited my models skin tone in the shoot. The toning of the lipstick also worked with the overall brown toning of the design.



Finished Facial chart for my film.

I felt like the facial chart had to be recreated from the poor quality of the first design as I thought the design didn’t really pop out of the paper enough. The exact same products have been placed on this design. The eye shadowing though on a higher coverage is also the same with the slightly brown smokey eye coming through. I wanted to use brown also as a eye colour as it extremely natural but also would suit the models dark brown eyes. The lashes are a simple medium coverage of black mascara.



A lot that I thought to also include was the design of having my character’s first shot to be her asleep with the obvious remanences of the previous days makeup on her eyes; I wanted this thought to represent how exhausting my characters life is; I also wanted this to give the indication of maybe she was out last night or working late at the office. The question is open to what the audience think.


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