The importance of Continuity & Helen Questions

Continuity is important to withhold as a makeup artist on film to keep the scene of the film in sequence and also to make the shot look smooth and like it’s been done all at once; not over a few days which it most probable is in some film. If the actor in the film has hair on the left of their head in one shot and then it changes to the right in the editing process then it will look unprofessional and humorous to the audience who tend to notice. I’ve been looking into continuity itself and the blunders within high budget hollywood film’s that are sometimes bazaar; mistakes that shouldn’t happen.

Continuity for me though is important to learn as it keeps the skills your learning steady as you can repeat the work in the exact way without ever repeating and the look looking completely different.

In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Frodo has a wound on his lower right cheek near his chin. Later in the film, it flips to his left cheek. When Sam cradles his head while sitting on the slopes of Mount Doom, the scar has obviously changed positions (or the film was flipped).

The article


Did you record the makeup used and where you bought it from? The hair products? Each product used for the look in my film were written down through planning the facial and hair charts. The look of my film only consisted of one makeup look as their was only one featured actor playing the lead.

Did you record how much you would need of everything? Within the continuity assessment I had worked on my partner before so knew the right coverage and colours 2/3 FS 38 1/3 LO all shades in the Kryolan Palette. For the film I used a different mix of foundations to suit the skin. The eye shadow was also an important look so I was sure to record the amount of coverage and product was taken by the eye shadowing brushes.

Did you find it difficult recreating the look? No the look was pretty simple and standard when it came to the application; the difficulty I would of felt would of been nerves on the day or the trouble recreating a similar image with lighting.

If you or someone else had to recreated the look in a couple of months to come could you? Yes of course the look was complicated and all my facial charts are kept for future references anyway; if some one was asked to do the look I would just give them the facial chart for direction.

Did you take enough images from every angle? My biggest down fall no I don’t believe I did and I deeply regret it; In the future I will spend more time picturing my work and not worry so much when a queue is behind me; my work should be my priority as the assessment is important.

Did you have the first images to hand when completing the assessment the second time? Yes of course they were stuck to my mirror on A4 paper so I could see the detailing and application better. The images were key to completing the continuity assessment.


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