Final Cut

Change the quality of the film to 1080P.

The film has been a true test of creativity. The fact that the film was such a open brief made me truly struggle at the start of production. The idea of the rat race can when I was in a lecture panicking about the film lesson I had after. Though the idea changed I feel like it has for the better even though it still includes the elements of commuting in London I feel like my film has a real story and soul.

The final processes of the film was editing the second and final draft for the film. My main issue for the first draft was the fact that it was far to long and the ending of the film was to abrupt. All has been changed now; I’ve edited the end of the film to also match the end of the song I’ve used “We’re all we need” by Above and Beyond as I think the song suits the film and the meaning perfectly.

Most certainly I’m where I’m supposed to be
In a molten sun; with you I am free
Today our hearts won first prize
‘Сause we’re wise with the feeling

We’re all we need

The message of the film is really represented in the song.

The outfit’s of my characters I decided to do as the same because the sequencing would be much smoother as they are the same person. The clothing choice I also think works with the yellow jacket still standing out in the scenes where the suns creating a lovely effect on the camera; real winter sun.

The name of the film is also simple which is what I wanted I was thinking of a foreign name such as “You & I” In another language but I thought about it and felt like what was the point there was no connection between the film and that at all.

Watch and enjoy


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