Overall I am incredibly happy with how my film has turned out. I feel like the project has really come into one through the research and films I have watched. Though the idea changed I feel like it has for the better even though it still includes the elements of commuting in London I feel like my film has a real story and soul. Finding a location was the film was simple also to do as I wanted it to be in London for the majority due to vibe London seems to have instead of if I was just shooting in Southampton. Changing the shooting from Southbank to Bank was also a great idea due to it being a lot quieter on a Saturday this meant that continuity in shots was easier to achieve and the location had more of a free reign when it came to the shoot. Blogging also was fun to see how my production developed over the last few months. I think this projects been full on and a test of the amount of work we can achieve; I know I’ve worked hard which is whats important to me and the final edit of the film is a lot more then I thought I could achieve at the start of the project. This project has definitely given me the inspiration to be imaginative much like Editorial beauty made me. The use of looking into film also has been interesting as now I’m actually looking into what shots are what when I watch films which is slightly annoying but just something I’ve been made to notice from this project. The film has been a true test of creativity. The fact that the film was such a open brief made me truly struggle at the start of production where I found myself to be struggling a lot with the story of the fashion film. I feel like looking into character has really helped with the evolution of my design from start to finish. In a fashion sense I think the costuming really stands out as the garment is already quite a unusual piece from the colouring something about London though and the style of the film makes it even more noticeable. At the start of the project I was a complete novice when it came to knowing anything about editing but by the end I was actually really surprised and happy with what I had achieved editing wise. The film doesn’t have any effects on it due the finished product I wanted to be a documentary piece but editing the clips and music all to match timings did take its time; the song also has cut up in sections to fit the filming more which did take the longest time to do due to the song being a dance track with a tonne of different beats and details to it. If i could redo any thing in the film I would whiten the scene where the characters just walked down the stairs before it flips to another shot up the stairs; I would changed the colouring due to finding the shot looking quite yellow in colouring but overall I’m still impressed. 


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