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Marc Jacob’s Makeup Design

  The article on the Marc Jacob’s Autumn/Winter 15 show by Vogue The images above are from the article vogue covered for the Marc Jacobs A/W 2015 show. The entire look for the show is like a dark hollywood glamour with the deeper tones in clothing and makeup. Even though there is a range in […]

Blade Runner & The Last Samurai Love Scene

In a lecture we studied we were presented with two scenes from the films “Blade Runner” staring Harrison Ford and “The Last Samurai” staring Tom Cruise. I had seen both films before so knew which scene’s we would be viewing. I wrote notes about what I saw after viewing each scene twice; we were then […]

Creating a character

She took one final look in the mirror before leaving for her blind date. She worried that the bright lipstick was a bit of a mistake, and she would never normally have gone so heavy with her eye shadow. She liked to see herself as a more natural kind of girl. Hopefully it’ll be dark […]


In class to help us develop our films within creating a character we were asked in group to create two different brain storms one for appearance and one for characters to help us with the development of characters within the film. Characters and who plays that character is extremely central to the film working as […]