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Comparing the Continuity

  Overall I’m happy with both looks as they are similar; I just wish that the photo’s were more in tact as I’m finding the images to be too different due to back drop and lighting. Advertisements

Continuity 2

The second continuity has a obvious huge mistake. The background. Why on earth have I shot the images on a black background when they were previously on a white background; A complete error on my part that I’m extremely disappointed with. The lighting show’s the makeup completely different to the first set which isn’t reliable […]

Natural hair for TV

This is a hairstyle created with television in mind; the look today is simple but still has a interesting texture from the plait and looks feminine. No products were used for the look as I feel the look doesn’t need anything. Natural hair for tv and film is a look that shouldn’t be too styled […]

Natural Makeup for TV

  This look is great to practice and easy to achieve; for the I’m not wearing any makeup look which is often seen in film’s the natural “Invisible” makeup look is key to know. This look reminds me of a chapter from Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual entitled “The beauty of diversity” on a fold on […]

Continuity 1

For the continuity part of the project in class we were assessed to do the look for our film onto our partner. Above are the first photos from assessment one. We have had to learn the technique of continuity especially in our films as shooting days might be different but also because the technic is […]

Hollywood Hair

  Hollywood hair was for learning the techniques that we think of when we think of old Hollywood actress’s with the heated rolled hair and sultry sweeping to the front of the hair. Health and Safety: if you’re using a model place apron around the model to ensure the clothing is protected Wash hands Always […]

Sci Fi Exploring

  Health and Safelty Clean washed hands must always be the first thing before touching client Hair is tied back at all times Model is wearing a apron to protect clothing Must check whether there is any contraindications such as sickness or infection   Products needed for Kyomi’s look Illamasqua liquid metal Solstice A blue […]