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Overall I am incredibly happy with how my film has turned out. I feel like the project has really come into one through the research and films I have watched. Though the idea changed I feel like it has for the better even though it still includes the elements of commuting in London I feel like […]

Final Cut

Change the quality of the film to 1080P. The film has been a true test of creativity. The fact that the film was such a open brief made me truly struggle at the start of production. The idea of the rat race can when I was in a lecture panicking about the film lesson I […]

Final facial chart

For my facial charts I wanted the design to look very natural and not heavy. The lifestyle of my character I wanted to reflect from a lack of time. The youthful face would have a light application of makeup applied.   This facial chart was my first one that I worked on for the film. […]

Editing my Film

Editing my film was a lot of fun; all the hard work over the last few months were finally in the processes of complication. The edits did take a long time to achieve but that was more with getting the timing’s completely right as I edited the song down and had to cut certain beats […]

Short Cut evaluation and shots

Above is the first edited cut of my fashion film. The story follows my character from a euphoric dream to the reality of a 9/5 London job. The story is interesting because their is a uncertainty whether the character is seeing the rat masked character in real life or she’s seeing them in her mind. […]

Changing the Hair + Inspiration

From Left: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 My initial design for my character and the hair I used for my continuity work was a bun which is why the images my work is different. It was the actual day of the shoot that I made the choice that the bun wasn’t right for my actor/model and a […]

Final Outfit

The final outfit design for the film which was mostly inspired by the photo below of the Ralph Lauren A/W 14 outift. The textures from the outfit is interesting with the black leather skirt and high neck dress from Zara which will be used as a loose top. The main feature of the outfit is […]