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Bibliography AJ Curtis (2015) You & I. Available at: (Accessed: 14 December 2015). Above & Beyond (2014) Above & beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – ‘we’re all we need’ (official music video). Available at: (Accessed: 14 December 2015). All movie posters and prints for Birdman | JoBlo posters (2014) Available at: (Accessed: 14 […]

The importance of Continuity & Helen Questions

Continuity is important to withhold as a makeup artist on film to keep the scene of the film in sequence and also to make the shot look smooth and like it’s been done all at once; not over a few days which it most probable is in some film. If the actor in the film […]


A gif is a graphic image file that moves; an animated gif is one that is a compressed set of files that are set out in order and form a short clip from the images. The film above I really like in its animated format it reminds me of stop motion art. The gif also […]

Initial Story Board

The first story board that I tried to create for my film didn’t turn out exactly in the best way. The first page started off strongly and then I think I panicked and stopped drawing my work. This story board was definitely a beginning mark for the project. What I was trying to portray in […]

Bird Man

Birdman was a film I had wanted to watch since its theatrical release last year but I had only got ahold of it for a birthday present. The film features around Michael Keaton who plays Riggan Thomson a faded hollywood actor who is now trying to make it again on Broadway; He is best know […]

The High 5 model for analysing film

When analysing a film and writing about it you should follow the high five film model as it is structured easily to follow and notes down important steps that should be noted when writing. The five steps are as follows The Frame The camera angles Camera shots that are placed in the film camera movement’s- […]

Getting lost in the woods

This weekend I went to Holland. I’d never been to holland before but it was incredible; the buildings to the cleanness of the streets and politeness of people; me and holland were a match made. Hanging around Den Haag for a few days was just what I needed, after a chaotic couple of weeks stressing […]