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Fight Club 1999

Fight club directed by David Fincher is one of my favourite films it’s a cinematic excellence that is intelligent and busy; analysing it for this project is perfect because of the similarities that both my film and fight club hold. Norton who play’s the character simply entitled “Narrator” throughout the film is a man who […]

Blade Runner & The Last Samurai Love Scene

In a lecture we studied we were presented with two scenes from the films “Blade Runner” staring Harrison Ford and “The Last Samurai” staring Tom Cruise. I had seen both films before so knew which scene’s we would be viewing. I wrote notes about what I saw after viewing each scene twice; we were then […]


Spectre the latest film for James Bond directed by Sam Mendes; the film itself has a lot to achieve with the expectation for the film extremely high when rumours came about its existence. With Spectre being the twenty fourth instalment of Bond the audience are now used and know what to expect when it comes […]