True Romance is a romantic crime drama it is tough to pin the film into one particular genre as it contains elements of several genres, typical of Tarantino to add multiple genre tropes to his work. If you had too though like your life depended on it you would call it a romance period. True […]

Much like in fight club between the narrator and Tyler Dissociative identity disorder is a psychiatric disorder which means that the identity of the individual endures more then one personality this is also paired with memory impairment and multiply mental disorders that are considerably more likely to have if one is to suffer. In my […]

  Overall I’m happy with both looks as they are similar; I just wish that the photo’s were more in tact as I’m finding the images to be too different due to back drop and lighting.

For my film’s topic I wanted to look into how living in a large city has been linked to affected the mental health of people who are already susceptible to having some kind of illness. The hustle and bustle of London or other cities can seem attractive to people but there are a lot of […]

Fight club directed by David Fincher is one of my favourite films it’s a cinematic excellence that is intelligent and busy; analysing it for this project is perfect because of the similarities that both my film and fight club hold. Norton who play’s the character simply entitled “Narrator” throughout the film is a man who […]

As a child I liked to play games that were mostly pretend interacting with my dolls or play with my brother’s figures; we would act out roles and play as if the toys were actual living things. But for me that is childhood I think its inevitable that we grow out these phases but we […]

One of us that are already interested/aware by the story of The Amityville Horror murders that took place in November 12, 1974 and saw six members of the DeFeo family murdered execution style in there own home. The opening scene of the film is a reenactment of that night in 1974 with Ronald DeFeo Jr […]